Meet the Woman Behind the Apron

One Sunday morning, Laura was attending church service when all of a sudden the pastor called her up to stand in front of the congregation.


Telling the people in the room about Laura’s dreams of one day owning her own bakery, he gave her $60 to invest in her business.


When she left the church that day, Laura found herself with a total of $10,000 that members of the congregation had generously given to her.


It was their way of telling her to follow her dreams. The seed money and the overwhelming love and support she received gave Laura the boost to finally open her bakery.


With the help of her business coach, Laura turned her love for baking into a successful, home-grown business. Along the way she's become a certified Master Cake Decorator, and an award-winning Sugar Artist.


Throughout this whole experience she has learned the following: “you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.”


To this day she still thanks the many people in her life including her daughter. They have all helped her take her dreams further than she could have ever imagined.    


Make your sweet dreams a reality!


Sweetness Desserts 
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